Soluna Hawaii was formed in 2003 by David and Judy Rodman for the purpose of providing peace-making services. These services are all derived from the practices and understandings Judy and David have created together through their 31 years of marriage. We think of our work as the application of spiritual practice, and what we mean by "spirit" is the spark of life within each of us. In our work we do not promote any religion or any particular set of beliefs; rather, we seek to hear the unique voice of each of our clients and assist them in hearing each other.

Soluna Hawaii published its first book in 2007. Entitled "Woodcuts", this original work by David Rodman provides a unique insight into one man's spiritual practice and raises fascinating questions for all of us who ponder the relationship between existence and consciousness.


The Talking Circle is an ancient, simple practice of heartfelt speaking and listening. It was once the primary way for families, communities, and nations to achieve consensus, resolve disputes, and make major life choices. We are committed to rediscovering and awakening this fundamental art. All of the services of Soluna Hawaii are related to Talking Circle and its applications in communities, businesses, families, and relationships of all kinds. We help to establish circle practices and offer training for facilitators.

Our Conflict Resolution services center around mediation. Mediation is the creation and maintenance of a neutral ground to support disputing parties in creating a peaceful resolution. Mediation is a form of Talking Circle specifically focused on the resolution of disputes and conflicts. We can tailor our conflict resolution services to meet particular situations.

Couples Communication provides education, coaching, and assistance for committed couples to improve their relationship skills. We teach techniques derived from our own regular practice as well as intensive relationship training we have received to assist couples in communicating deeply, authentically, and as partners rather than adversaries.

Please contact us with any questions about our services and the work we do.

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