Group Services

Soluna Hawaii provides services to schools, families, couples, community organizations, and businesses. All of these services are related in the principles of peace that underlie all that we do.

For groups of any size from two up, the practice of Talking Circle is the recommended bedrock. This was once the core practice used by families and communities to make decisions, iron out differences, and share important events. We can assist you in creating your own practice and bringing the blessings of heartfelt speaking and listening to your group.

The Group Effectiveness Model consulting services bring formality with heart to the practices of any group. Using the GEM techniques and principles we can assist you in creating groups that meet their goals, operate efficiently, achieve standards-based recognition such as accreditation (where appropriate), and enhance the well being of group members, managers, and customers.

Our Couples Communication services are provided to assist committed couples who are experiencing difficulties in genuinely communicating. We assist you in identifying what stands in the way of complete communication, and help you find the collaborative soul of your relationship.